Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dinner Time!

I seem to be having a hard time logging onto the new photo challenge forum, but I still enjoy doing the challenges so I am still going to post on my blog. This weeks challenge is dinner. I snapped a bunch of pictures of Lilly helping cook. But this one won out.

nothing beats a nice glass of wine, while cooking dinner, or eating dinner, or cleaning up dinner.

Here are my runners up:


Helen said...

so sorry to read you are having troubles logging on. Hope that improves soon. I just wanted to write and thank you for finding me and writing a note regarding the terrible fires we are experiencing here Erin. Your friend will be truly shocked. It is worse than the Ash Wednesday fires we had some years back. The stories of loss are just heart breaking. Take care and thank you once again

Wendy said...

Erin I like the first photo but I really like the second one of Lilly and the mixing bowl!! Good job!