Saturday, October 25, 2008

photochallenge 22- SOOC

I decided to use Luke as my "model" for this challege. It probably would have been easier to take a picture of a plant or something, but I just can't resist his big blue eyes and his snotty nose. Plus honestly what is more intresting some random tree or my nine month old....don't answer that.
Anywho this weeks challenge is Straight out of cropping, editing, nothing, zilch, this is my little guy in all his snotty glory...enjoy!Luke with his pumpkin...I like the contrast of the orange pumpkin on his brown shirt.... Luke has been fighting a cold...but how you can you resist this face?

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Practicing my SOOC technique

I decided I better jump right into this challenge and since Luke turned 9 months today I needed to take pictures of him anyways. The no cropping thing is killing me. These are NOT my submissions, they are merely practice pictures. Although I am quite fond of the first one.

Monday, October 20, 2008

PhotoChallenge 21 - zen

this is a hard challenge for me, plus it has been cold and the kids have the crud so I haven't been able to go out and search for my Zen. Here are a few pictures from the archives.
Zen to me is something simple that can make you think, remember and comtemplate. Something you can look at and feel a sense of calm. Here are my pictures.This is a giant dandylion....I love them. They remind me of simpler times when you could blow on one and make a wish and the seeds would scatter with wind. They are little seeds of hope. I love the sky. Clouds, stars, a clear sunny day, fog, rain, sleet , snow. I am like the postoffice, no matter weather, I am so there.

trees are kind of amazing. "big and strong" according to Lilly. The start out small and grow and become so majestic, provided man doesn't chop them down first.

these are Lilly's toes in the water. There is something about water and lilly's desire to be in it. Ocean, lakes, pools, bathtubs or even the kitchen sink (no joke). Water makes her happy. Water is lilly's zen.