Saturday, February 21, 2009


this weeks photochallenge is trails. this is my submission. I actually took it back in october. Lilly was walking in the Uinta National Forest. I like how little she is compared to the trees.

this is one I took this week while tubing....Sophie and Zach going down the tubing hill.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dinner Time!

I seem to be having a hard time logging onto the new photo challenge forum, but I still enjoy doing the challenges so I am still going to post on my blog. This weeks challenge is dinner. I snapped a bunch of pictures of Lilly helping cook. But this one won out.

nothing beats a nice glass of wine, while cooking dinner, or eating dinner, or cleaning up dinner.

Here are my runners up:


This photochallenge was for elements. Earth, wind, water, fire.....

The obvious choice for me is snow....

So here is what our back patio looked like before we shoveled it....Nice huh?

I know all our friends and family in Texas are laughing at me....